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General Schools Information


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A little information on how the schools system works in Ireland up till the time that children attend college. 


Schools in Ireland for children and young adults works a little different than that of other countries around Europe. 


Generally children start out their education prior to officially starting school whereby the government give a grand for them to attend a creche in what is called the ECCE year prior to starting national school. This allows children to attend a creche or Montessori of your choice prior to them starting school and prepares them for starting school. 


They usually start school between the ages of 4-6 and start in primary school. Primary School lasts 8 years starting with Junior infants, Senior infants and then goes from 1st to 6th class. 

Upon successful completion of the 8 years in primary school its time for them to attend secondary school. Secondary school usually lasts between 5&6 years. There is an option to do 4th year (transition year) for all students, this is usually a year where students get the chance to take on work experience and work on less academic parts of their student life. 


Upon successful completion of secondary school and dependent on their points obtained from their leaving certificate exams its time for them to attend college. 

Hopefully the information is helpful! :)



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