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  1. Hi yanni. I had a look at the attachment you sent me. I think it applies only for non EU members. Any info on getting the MONIMOS KATOIKOS EXSOTERIKOU paper? Thank you kindly
  2. Hi everybody. I am new to this group. I was hoping to get a few answers in regards to obtaining the permanent residency papers( XARTIA ANIPOTAXIAS). I applied around 3 years ago because apparently in Greece im wanted for army service. Even though i moved to Ireland when i was 12 years old back in 1998 and i also had being going pretty much every summer. But they found and contacted my family in Greece enquiring as to my whereabouts. So the ambassador at that time here in Ireland was MR. BOUTLAS and he granted me safe pass into the country to visit my grandmother. But now im afraid to visit again just in case they keep me there, so im trying to sort out my papers and go see my grandmother who is not well in her health. I know i need P60'S to prove coninuous work here in Ireland. But does anybody have a bit more information on the subject and what other kinds of papers i might need to finally get my permanent resident of Ireland papers. Please and thank you guys. Thank you kindly. Panagiotis
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